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Empowering beverages with the power of mushrooms

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Mushroom Cups


Empowering beverages with the power of mushrooms





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“Awaken your inner genius” - Coffee with Superfood Mushrooms

Basis for the Coffee with Mushrooms is delicious organic coffee from Peruvian highlands and Mediterranean, wild, forest Chanterelles.
Due to the high altitudes, with lowered oxygen levels, Peruvian coffee beans have prolonged maturing period, gifting them exceptional quality and mild aroma.

Wild Chanterelles have nutritive A+ score. They are packed with Iron and Copper and have 41% more potassium than Bananas. They are also packed with vitamins and minerals responsible for efficient conversion of food to energy on cellular level and powering the nervous system.

So rather than being pure stimulants like the coffee usually is, coffee with mushrooms will make your body more efficient in producing energy, while prolonging and boosting coffee effect on your mood and cognitive function   
Coffee with mushrooms comes in 2 versions, where third mushroom is added to Coffee-Chanterelle bassis:

1. Go Sharp  

Go Sharp version of Mushrooms Coffee additionally has Cordyceps, Tibetan libido boosting mushroom which naturally increases oxygen uptake, improving your endurance, stamina and resistance to fatigue.  It is a go-to mushroom for crushing exhausting days when you have a lot on your plate.

2. Go fresh

Go Fresh has a mission to make your body impenetrable fortress. Go Fresh additionally has Chaga - Siberian mushroom of immortality. Chaga is rich in Melanin, has impressive antibacterial and antiviral properties and huge amount of β-Glucan making it aging and alergie fighting superhero.


Important - due to their adaptogenic nature mushrooms have property to neutralize bad coffee side effects like accelerated heart rate, adrenaline rush and raised stomach acidity which is why 96% of our customers reported No coffee side effects while drinking coffee with mushrooms.


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