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The AgriFoodtech sector is wide and varied

To help you navigate the innovation landscape, we divided the companies into eight categories

Tools and devices that help restaurants manage their business more efficiently, or make kitchens smarter through IoT technology.

Using science and technology to create new types of foods and beverages, such as plant-based burgers that taste like meat, snacks made from crickets, or coffee powder made from mushrooms.

Faster and more accurate solutions to sanitise food processing equipment, assess freshness, prolong shelf life, or detect the presence of unwanted ingredients, pathogens and allergen.

Tackling food waste, by redistributing food surplus to and from restaurants, supermarkets and homes, or improving sustainability in food packaging.

Services and products that aim at increasing farming efficiency and sustainability, including the use of field sensors, drones, data analytics apps, or water management solutions.

Innovative ways to process food – for example 3D printing - or to improve the functionality of ingredients.

Apps that facilitate access to food by helping users find restaurants and recipes according to specific tastes or dietary needs, or find professional cook-at-home chefs.

Instant on-demand food delivery service from local restaurants.

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